What is onyfix and how can it help my ingrown or involuted nails?

Most people don’t think about their feet too often, as the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”, unless, of course, their feet start to hurt. Our feet are the foundation on which our body is built. Sore feet from corns, calluses, and ingrown/involuted nails can limit movement and mobility. Foot pain can also cause a person to overcompensate as the body tries to redistribute weight so it doesn’t fall on the painful parts of the feet. This results in poor posture leading to pain in your knees, hips and lower back. So, everything is connected.

Having ingrown/involuted nails can make it painful to walk resulting in decreased mobility. In this case you may consider going to see a foot care nurse. They will assess your feet and discuss your options. A new product developed by Neubourg Healthcare Inc, called ONYFIX, is an innovative pain free treatment for ingrown/involuted nails, helps to raise the nail corners and put them back into proper alignment. The product is manufactured in Germany and Canada. As a safe alternative to surgery, Onyfix uses a resin strip on the nail that is cured by a LED light. The resin strip does not touch the skin. Onyfix will remain on the nail as it grows out and helps the toenail to grow in the correct position. Onyfix can be used on thick nails, and nails with 50% or less fungus.

Unlike surgery, there is no downtime. After Onyfix is cured to the nail it must be kept dry for 24 hours, but after this time the client is free to do whatever activity they are planning, even swimming. The only requirement is the client should avoid squeezing the nail sideways, and wearing tight footwear, like pointy shoes. Nails can be painted with polish, as long as it can be removed with acetone or liquid nail polish remover. Any polish that requires sanding to remove should not be used since the Onyfix strip could come off.

If the ingrown/involuted nail is infected it is best for the client to finish with antibiotic therapy first as blood and other fluids can affect the bonding process of the Onyfix strip.

Sometimes, depending on severity, more than 1 strip will be applied. On average, it takes around a year for the Onyfix to correct the nail, depending on how quickly it is growing.

After years of use Neubourg is finding that unless there are other aggravating factors, such as foot wear that is too tight, or genetic predisposition, the nails do not reinvolute.

The Onyfix system is a versatile product that your foot care nurse will use to correct almost all forms of involuted and ingrown toenails, painlessly.

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